Many people want to feel emotionally and spiritually well, but aren’t always sure how to get there. The Plumline blog offers practical guidance that will help you get unstuck, find rest, and experience peace.

Learning From Your Loneliness

How do you know when you’re lonely? And, if you do find that loneliness is what you feel—what can you do about it? Loneliness is what you feel when you feel dismissed, unseen, and unknown by those in your life. This lack of meaningful connection with others may fill you with shame, remind you of hurt, or paralyze you with fear. Whatever the case may be, it is critical that you feel and face your

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“To be steady while the world spins around you…”

It is a new year, but the task is still the same. Stillness. Yes, in this restless world you find yourself in, there can be sanity. There can be stillness. Stillness is what Jesus had the night a furious storm came and waves swept over the boat. Stillness is what the archer accesses when she aims her arrow. Maybe you’ve felt stillness on a walk long overdue, or halfway through a favorite novel? Stillness makes

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“What do you want?”

Jesus is famous for asking questions. Perhaps the question of his that resonates most around the new year is the one he asks blind Bartimaeus? “What do you want me to do for you?” This question is not without context. Bartimaeus has already let everyone within earshot know that he wants something. At one point, Bartimaeus is begging so loud for Jesus’s attention that even Jesus’s followers try to silence him. “…But he shouted all

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Slowing Down For Christmas

Have you ever made it through a Christmas season and wondered, “Where’d it all go?” You’re not alone. For those that want this season to happen a little slower, and with a little more intentionality—consider this: Advent exists to help you ground in the meaning of the season. In fact, the word “Advent” actually comes from the Latin word “Adventis” which means, “an arrival.” The coming of Christ is so subtle that it happens in

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Understanding What Keeps You From Rest…

It can be difficult to find rest in any season, let alone the busiest one of the year. If you are already starting to experience the signs of burnout and exhaustion this December, consider this: You are a limited human being with needs for love, rest, and stillness. In fact, your ability to experience God’s restorative love is directly proportionate to your willingness to be in need with him. As you step into sabbath this

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Setting New Boundaries in Old Relationships

The holiday season is often a re-entering into your oldest relational wounds. In another week or so, you’ll go sit across the table with those who you have a history of hurt with, and maybe some level of tension. If you want to continue on in a relationship with them, but you want to do it in a wiser way than before, this is where the “boundary” conversation comes in. A boundary is this: What

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Where do relationships go wrong?

As human beings, we naturally hunger for strong, healthy relationships. We’re made to be with other people, which is why it hurts so much when relationships go wrong. You’ve asked why this happens, so Dr. Jake recorded this video to shed some light and tell you how you can strengthen your relationships. In it he explains: If you want to keep your relationships from going wrong, we invite you to check out our online HEART

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How strong are you?

Before you start to sweat, don’t worry. I’m not asking you to flex your biceps or show me how much you can bench press. I want to talk with you about your strength system. Spiritually speaking, your strength system is your ability to embody and express the beliefs that you hold dear. These beliefs could be theological beliefs and philosophies. They could also be reflected in your mindset and self-discipline. People who live primarily out

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Engage your mind without losing your heart

Last week, I wrote about your mind system—the part of your spiritual anatomy that engages your intellect. This week we’ll talk about how to engage your mind system without forgoing your heat. You and I are called—along with all Christ followers—to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2). This verse is critical to understanding what true mind system nourishment and integration looks like. The key here is the word “transformation,” which is

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Your mind and your spiritual health

If you’re like many North Americans, the “mind system” probably feels comfortable and familiar. From the perspective of your spiritual anatomy, the mind system is your ability to think and learn. This system is shaped and molded by many influences as we grow up. Some of these influences are institutional—the schools we attend, the churches in which we worship, the extracurricular activities that we pursue. Other influences are cultural, such as peer pressures and societal

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Soul prayer – How does one do soul work?

A couple weeks back, I talked about your “soul system” in the blog post: “Why Are We Drawn to Personality Tests?” To remind you the “soul system” is the part of the spiritual anatomy that represents one’s true identity. As I said then, sometimes, talking about your “soul” can feel very abstract and removed from reality. And there’s a good reason for that. Your soul is a vast ocean. It’s where you commune deeply with

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