Frequently Asked Questions

No. Clinical therapy can be a very important part of your healing process. In fact, some things can only be addressed in a clinical environment. But Plumline is not clinical. We are a personal and spiritual development company providing a safe space to share your life experience, and be guided toward healthier ways of thinking, relating, and living.

No. We believe that participation in a Plumline group can greatly impact your relationships for the better. Part of that process is being able to speak openly and confidentially about anything and anyone. Some couples decide to participate in different Plumline groups simultaneously. If you’re able to, we highly recommend this approach.

Yes. Your beliefs do not qualify or disqualify you from a Plumline group.


The Plumline process is rooted in the ancient Judeo-Christian framework known as The Shamah (Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and your neighbor as yourself). Jesus declared this to be most important aspect of life (Mt. 22, Mk. 12, Lk. 10).


We believe a person’s Spiritual Anatomy consists of four parts: heart, soul, mind, and strength. Plumline seeks to nourish and integrate these parts.

Everyone who participates in the Plumline process experiences some level of internal change. Part of the application process for Plumline helps identify whether clinical work should come first. You must also be willing to hold space for yourself and for others—an essential part of the Plumline process. To determine whether Plumline is truly right for you, click here to book a free consult.

Your participation in Plumline will be confidential. Outside of our Plumline in-house team and your fellow group members, those to whom you disclose your participation will be at your discretion.

Plumline groups consist of around 7 people, plus a certified Plumline group facilitator.

Plumline groups are co-ed and available to all walks of life. One shared commonality is that everyone in the group is hungry for more out of life and comes ready to do the internal work.

Plumline Heart, Soul, & Integration groups consist of 12 weekly sessions over a four month period. Group meetings follow the natural flow of the calendar and take breaks during weeks like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and so on. Each weekly session lasts 90 minutes.


Plumline Retreats offer the Plumline Heart or Soul process over a three night, three day experience. Retreats provide 12 weeks of guided transformational work in one weekend.

Plumline offers both live and virtual group experiences. Live groups meet in Franklin, TN at the Plumline office. Virtual groups meet via Zoom.

Retreats take place at a resort-style location with chef prepared meals and your own private lodging.

Very little. There will be times when you are asked to do some reflective writing, but there is not a lot of “homework” outside of group.

New Plumline groups are available in Jan./Feb. | May/June | Aug./Sept. 


Retreats take place 6-8 times per year. Please check the retreats page for this years options.

Yes. If helpful, Plumline is able to receive payment by breaking up the cost into installments. If the price is still out of your reach, please email us to discuss further: [email protected]

One-on-one or couples sessions with Jake are billed at $150/hour.


The Plumline Heart, Soul, and Integration Groups cost $1,200 respectively, and covers all 12 sessions and materials. This can be broken into 5 'installments' of $240 drawn at the start of each month during the group season if helpful.


Plumline Retreats cost $3,600 which covers everything from arrival to departure including gourmet meals, your own private room and bathroom, resort amenities, Shamah Way subscription, select merch, a Plumline journal, and of course, the guided group experience.


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