Slowing Down For Christmas

Have you ever made it through a Christmas season and wondered, “Where’d it all go?” You’re not alone. For those that want this season to happen a little slower, and with a little more intentionality—consider this:

Advent exists to help you ground in the meaning of the season. In fact, the word “Advent” actually comes from the Latin word “Adventis” which means, “an arrival.” The coming of Christ is so subtle that it happens in a manger. As long as you are in a rush to the next task or event, it is likely that you will miss him in his coming. This is why you must SLOW DOWN to experience Christmas for all that it is worth.

When you celebrate Advent, you are celebrating two things:

That Christ has come, and that he is coming again.

With this in mind, would you be willing to try the following?

Invite a few friends over, make some wassail, and turn off your technology. Go around the room and ask each person how Jesus showed up for them this year. Then, tell how you need him to show up for you in 2022, in whatever tension or predicament that awaits you there.

When you do this, you are being properly formed. You are praising God for how he came, and you are looking to him in expectancy to come again in your future.

It is tempting to rush through this season, as everything around you seems to be moving a mile a minute. You do not have to give in to the anxiety of it. Instead, practice intentionality with those you are with this season. Stay connected to how important and rare this Christmas truly is. There will never be another one quite like it.

Here’s to experiencing Christ in Christmas, slowing down, and toasting with wassail. . .

This Christmas season matters, and so do you.

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