Many people want to feel emotionally and spiritually well, but aren’t always sure how to get there. The Plumline blog offers practical guidance that will help you get unstuck, find rest, and experience peace.


When he was still with us, Dallas Willard was asked by a student of his to describe Jesus in one word. Many options are on the table for such a question, as those options include, Healer, Savior, Redeemer, Lover, or Lord. Willard’s answer was equally striking. Sitting back in his chair, as though he was reviewing his relational history with Christ, the late philosophy professor from USC answered in this way: “Relaxed.” I don’t know

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Can Loneliness Kill You?

You may have been tricked into believing that it is not “good” for you to feel lonely. This is not true. Loneliness is either true for you in any given moment, or it is not. In fact, loneliness exists to remind you of something that has always been true about you: You are made for relationships. When you do not have quality, mutual relationships, you feel lonely. If you ignore this loneliness long enough, you

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Kicking Codependency & Experiencing Healthy Relationships

Codependency is all too common. What’s worse, it keeps you from experiencing healthy and mutual relationships with those who matter most. Here’s what codependency is: codependency is excessive emotional or psychological reliance on another. How do you know if codependency is true for you in your relationships? Here are five symptoms: You feel responsible for other’s needs and problems You can’t handle being misunderstood or must clarify when misunderstood You can’t bear when others have

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The Weekender’s Guide to Restoration

Chances are, you worked your tail off this week. As you head into this weekend, here is the question: Will your weekend be one of reprieve, or one of restoration? Here is the difference: Reprieve is when you take a temporary break from the pressures of life. You have a few drinks, you watch a lot of TV, you mindlessly scroll on your phone. . . The problem is, at some point you have to

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When You Practice Presence, Everyone Benefits

In this caffeinated world we find ourselves in, it is so easy to lose yourself in all of life’s demands. There is even a temptation to double down on hurry and anxiety in order to make it to the bottom of your list. Here’s the problem with hurrying through life to get it all done: It doesn’t really work. Even if you DO check the list, pay the bills, and get everyone fed, what is

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The Way Through “Church Hurt”

Have you experienced “Church Hurt?” This subject isn’t everyone’s favorite to talk about, but it is a CRITICAL CONVERSATION that must be had. This is what “Church Hurt” is: Church Hurt is the feeling you have when someone in the church harms you emotionally, spiritually, mentally, or physically. This hurt is particularly painful, especially when the people that harmed you were supposed to be representing the heart of God here on earth. . . While

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Where do relationships go wrong?

As human beings, we naturally hunger for strong, healthy relationships. We’re made to be with other people, which is why it hurts so much when relationships go wrong. You’ve asked why this happens, so Dr. Jake recorded this video to shed some light and tell you how you can strengthen your relationships. In it he explains: If you want to keep your relationships from going wrong, we invite you to check out our online HEART

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How strong are you?

Before you start to sweat, don’t worry. I’m not asking you to flex your biceps or show me how much you can bench press. I want to talk with you about your strength system. Spiritually speaking, your strength system is your ability to embody and express the beliefs that you hold dear. These beliefs could be theological beliefs and philosophies. They could also be reflected in your mindset and self-discipline. People who live primarily out

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Engage your mind without losing your heart

Last week, I wrote about your mind system—the part of your spiritual anatomy that engages your intellect. This week we’ll talk about how to engage your mind system without forgoing your heat. You and I are called—along with all Christ followers—to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2). This verse is critical to understanding what true mind system nourishment and integration looks like. The key here is the word “transformation,” which is

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Your mind and your spiritual health

If you’re like many North Americans, the “mind system” probably feels comfortable and familiar. From the perspective of your spiritual anatomy, the mind system is your ability to think and learn. This system is shaped and molded by many influences as we grow up. Some of these influences are institutional—the schools we attend, the churches in which we worship, the extracurricular activities that we pursue. Other influences are cultural, such as peer pressures and societal

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Soul prayer – How does one do soul work?

A couple weeks back, I talked about your “soul system” in the blog post: “Why Are We Drawn to Personality Tests?” To remind you the “soul system” is the part of the spiritual anatomy that represents one’s true identity. As I said then, sometimes, talking about your “soul” can feel very abstract and removed from reality. And there’s a good reason for that. Your soul is a vast ocean. It’s where you commune deeply with

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