Understanding What Keeps You From Rest…

It can be difficult to find rest in any season, let alone the busiest one of the year. If you are already starting to experience the signs of burnout and exhaustion this December, consider this:

You are a limited human being with needs for love, rest, and stillness. In fact, your ability to experience God’s restorative love is directly proportionate to your willingness to be in need with him. As you step into sabbath this weekend, remember—sabbath is for humans.

It is often tempting to play a “more than human” role during the holiday season. This can look like over-extending yourself, staying busy seven days a week, losing your well-being in the process.

It is equally tempting to settle for “less than human.” You talk terribly to yourself about your own weaknesses, calling yourself names, using this toxic self-talk as fuel to make it through.

Neither are helpful, and neither are necessary.

God knows that you are a limited human being. He created you for Sabbath, to have “ends,” and to be restored by him. Lean into him this weekend and get the rest you know you need. Not only will you benefit from this, so will those you are with.

At Plumline, we know that many folks find the holiday season to be completely exhausting. It is critical that you have a plan in this season (and in every season) to find rest, peace, and truth before you start each day.

Shamah Way is our Guided Daily devotional, designed to help you get unstuck, find rest, and experience more with God. Each day, you will be given a daily audible experience and check-in that will help you ground for a God-centered life. The Shamah Way experience is available in the app store, as well as in journal form.

It is crucial that you find the rest and peace you need for a more purposeful, intentional life. For the price of a latte a month, download the Shamah Way app and build the routine you need for the peace you can’t live without.

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