When You Feel Guilty

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What exactly is the feeling of guilt?

Guilt is the feeling that arises when you have crossed a moral boundary, or done harm to yourself or another.

Guilt can be a heavy feeling to feel. It is often difficult to admit when we have harmed or hurt. It is for this reason that many are so defended against their guilt and will do ANYTHING not to feel it.

Unfortunately, if you suppress your guilt, it doesn’t go away. Instead, the once healthy guilt segues to toxic shame. Now, instead of being an imperfect human that is capable of stepping on toes, you become someone that others are better off without.

If you are aware of these toxic narratives inside yourself, work your way back to the center of your healthy guilt. See if you can name the way you have caused harm or crossed a moral boundary.

This will lead you to the need your heart has when it feels guilty, which is forgiveness. Honored guilt will help you make the proper repairs you need to make with God, others, or even yourself.

It is hard to believe that the guilt you may be so defended against is the same guilt that wants to lead you to the gift of freedom. It is the prerogative of guilt to lead you to a freer existence with God, others, and self. Open yourself to feel it. Talk with others who are safe about the guilt you feel.

Your guilt matters because you matter.

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