When You Practice Presence, Everyone Benefits

In this caffeinated world we find ourselves in, it is so easy to lose yourself in all of life’s demands. There is even a temptation to double down on hurry and anxiety in order to make it to the bottom of your list.

Here’s the problem with hurrying through life to get it all done: It doesn’t really work.

Even if you DO check the list, pay the bills, and get everyone fed, what is lost if you do it without presence? Perhaps this is what Jesus was getting at when he asked, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36)

The people who matter most don’t need your hustle, they need your presence. It is lonely to live and do life with someone who is always somewhere else. When you practice presence, EVERYONE BENEFITS.

You can check in with yourself before you walk into work or home. Remember that you are still breathing, and actively work to deepen those breaths. Not only will you benefit from this life-giving work, those around you will too.

Life is too short to live it disconnected from the people and things who matter most.

Practicing presence will:

  1. Help you bring more of yourself to your work
  2. Allow you to connect more meaningfully with your spouse & kids
  3. Provide you with the peace you may rarely have in your day-to-day

Want to learn more about practicing presence so you can show up more fully to life? Here are two free resources on the subject:

You can read our blog, “A Bit on Breathing. . .” at

Listen to a recent podcast I did with “The Skilled Dad.” The episode includes presence, parenting, and more! You can listen to the podcast at

Here’s to experiencing all that life has to offer you. . . You deserve it, and so do those you love.

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