Would you pray with and for us?

This week marks the launch of our fall weekly groups, which is always an exciting time for us. Some folks are stepping into our HEART program this season and Jake will be guiding them through the material we’ve recently made available in our online course. We’re proud of that course, but the in-person experiences take participants […]

Why are we drawn to personality tests?

How many personality tests have you taken in the last three years? For many North Americans, the honest answer would take two (or more) hands to count. We’re hungry to know more about ourselves. And we feel like we’re prepared to dig under the surface and unearth what lies beneath. That’s why we jump at […]

You have no bad feelings

A white sheet of laminated paper that lists eight core feelings, anger, fear, hurt, sad lonely, guilt, shame and glad, sits crooked on camel colored textured carpet.

If you walk into my office right after I’ve led a PLUMLINE group, you’ll likely stumble across a laminated sheet. I often get distracted and leave it lying in the middle of the floor. Peer closely, and you’ll discover that it’s a vertical list of feelings. Eight, to be exact. When people first see this […]

What’s with all this “heart” talk?

Group of people engaging in discussion

When you hear me talk about your “heart system,” you might wonder just what exactly I’m referring to. Your heart system is where your feelings live—the place where your true wants and needs reside. Many people find that their heart is the most neglected system in their spiritual anatomy. Sadly, this is not surprising. So […]

Spiritual and relational health – stop guessing about it.

man leans up against a white wall contemplating

Friends, Please take advantage of our brand new Spiritual + Relational Health Assessment! This assessment is one of my favorite things that we launched last fall. At Plumline, we are passionate about not “guessing”. We want to know for sure. And now we can. Thanks this new free assessment, we can help you better understand what’s going […]

When You Feel Guilty

man leans up against a white wall contemplating

What exactly is the feeling of guilt? Guilt is the feeling that arises when you have crossed a moral boundary, or done harm to yourself or another. Guilt can be a heavy feeling to feel. It is often difficult to admit when we have harmed or hurt. It is for this reason that many are […]

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