Would you pray with and for us?

This week marks the launch of our fall weekly groups, which is always an exciting time for us.

Some folks are stepping into our HEART program this season and Jake will be guiding them through the material we’ve recently made available in our online course. We’re proud of that course, but the in-person experiences take participants to a whole other level. Something profound happens when others walk with you as you confront your lies and embrace your truths. It’s how relationships are restored and lives are changed.

Others are diving into our SOUL program. Week after week they’ll dive deeper and deeper into their identity, discovering the ocean-like depths that God has given them. It’s a wonderful experience that strengthens both participants’ confidence and their connection to our heavenly Father.

door the reads "plumline" stands open to a group of people having a conversation, and sitting.

We’re also leading INTEGRATION groups. Typically filled with alumni that have gone through the HEART and/or SOUL programs, these groups offer a safe space to keep showing up to life’s challenges. Together we acknowledge that it’s hard to live out of our true hearts and souls. More than that, we get to encourage one another that this hard work is worth it. That the fruit of such life is rich and beautiful.

We bring you this update to say that between this week and next, 20+ individuals are bravely stepping forward on these journeys and they could use your prayer. We’re asking would you pray for them and for us? Pray for the wellness of the spaces we meet in and for the hearts of those entering these programs.

This impact of this work goes far beyond things that we can measure. As we find healing, we bring healing to those around us. Every life becomes a source of healing and renewal to others.

That’s why your prayers are vital.

Thank you for being with us and for us as we raise up more healers and create more healing spaces.

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