Spiritual and relational health – stop guessing about it.

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Please take advantage of our brand new Spiritual + Relational Health Assessment!

This assessment is one of my favorite things that we launched last fall.

At Plumline, we are passionate about not “guessing”.

  • We don’t want to guess about what’s going on inside of you spiritually
  • We don’t want to pretend that relationships can thrive with a few quick fixes
  • We don’t want to use anecdotal measures and assume Plumline programs work based on a few stories.

We want to know for sure. And now we can.

Thanks this new free assessment, we can help you better understand what’s going on in your spiritual life. We can also show you specific reasons that your marriage or friendships are still lacking, even if you are thriving in certain aspects of relating with others.

About the assessment

This sophisticated assessment includes C.W. Ellison’s “Spiritual Well-Being” scale and G.M. Callaghan’s “Functional Idiographic Assessment Template” (FIAT) system.

Because of our research, I can tell you that, on average, Plumline participants experience a 13% increase in spiritual well-being and a 23% increase in relational well-being.


Our programs help people feel more connected to God, others, and themselves, guiding them to more certainty about who they are and what their life is about.

Whether you engage in a Plumline group or not, this assessment is an excellent way to know where your spiritual and relational health are today. You can take it by clicking on the link above. Once you submit your self reported survey, you’ll receive the results immediately in your inbox. The email will even have a link to schedule a free call with Jake Smith if you’d like to discuss the findings.

We care about you thriving spiritually + relationally. This assessment is a great place for you to start.

Love you and for you,


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